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AAL Group Ltd. took part in the 15th Global Humanitarian Aviation Conference & Exhibition (GHAC) in Istanbul, Turkey held on 10th-14th October, organized by the United Nations World Food Programme.
AAL Group Ltd. was invited to deliver the presentation related to AMO Challenges as well as take part in the panel discussion concerning “Current Situation and the Challenges associated with Crew Training, Logistics of Spare Parts and Field Security.”
AAL Group had the privilege of having a booth for the duration of the summit, allowing the visitors to meet the team, address any enquiries and discuss various industry related topics as well as potential future collaboration grounds.
Tt was of great honor and pleasure for our company to take part in this yearly Conference, connecting with business like minds and sharing ideas as well as addressing the challenges faced within the industry.
Through participation in events of this kind, AAL Group is deeply honored and delighted to contribute in every possible way we can to “changing lives, saving lives”, which is the strong motto of WFP and everything their team do as part of their daily operations.