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Suppliers Relationship

Quality and Safety are the main values for AAL Group Ltd when it comes to providing services and supplying products to our customers. Our Procurement and Supply team is making everything possible to ensure that these values are ensured. Procurement and Supply Department sets high standards while choosing suppliers since they play a crucial role in the process of rendering quality service, thus contributing to the success and reputation of the company as a whole.

Doing Business with AAL

Our principles and expectations
As a customer-oriented organization, AAL is committed to the highest quality and safety standards and undertakes reasonable care in assessment of its potential suppliers and contractors. Consequently, we seek cooperation with the suppliers who share our goals and who are ready to provide:

  • Products and services of a high quality;
  • Proven track records of the supplied items;
  • Timely delivery;
  • High efficiency of post-production services;
  • Products and services that satisfy aviation safety requirements;

We do understand the complexity of the aerospace supply chain and we are always open to a dialogue that focuses on the improvement of the existing partnership with our suppliers. Therefore, in cooperation with our Suppliers we look for:

  • High level of management efficiency and problem-solving in every aspect of our cooperation;
  • Orientation on continuous improvement of Quality Management System;
  • Effective management of non-conformance aimed at its minimization by practicing accountability and proactive approach to business;

We view our suppliers as partners and expect them to recognize our values of social, environmental, and sustainable performance and comply with our ethics and business conduct policies. Our Supplier Code of Conduct applies to all categories of AAL suppliers.

AAL buys

Aviation Procurement
  • Major components;
  • Frame components;
  • Avionics and avionics components;
    Systems and equipment;
  • Expendables;
  • Aerospace commodities (repair kits, fasteners, castings, wires, retainers, etc.);
  • POL and chemicals;
  • Simulator components;
  • Technology.
General Procurement
  • Test bench equipment;
  • Ground equipment;
  • Tools;
  • Facility interior and exterior supplies;
  • Packaging, labeling supplies;
  • Warehouse and transportation equipment.
  • Lab analysis;
  • NDT;
  • Overhaul, repair, and modifications of components;
  • Personnel training;
  • Freight and handling;
  • Calibration;
  • Facility services;
  • Scrapping.

Register as AAL Supplier

If you are interested in joining AAL Group Ltd Suppliers and Partners Team kindly follow our registration and due diligence procedure:

Step 1. Submit corporate documents {email or upload}

  • Charter/Articles of Association/Articles of Incorporation;
  • Valid License for the type of services/products;
  • A recent Certificate of Good Standing, Certificate of Registration/Incorporation, Certificate of tax registration or excerpt from company register proving that the New Company is active and in good standing;
  • A Certificate of Incumbency, or Power of Attorney or other corporate documents (Articles of Association, License) that identify the authorized signatory of the Company;
  • A Valid photo ID or Passport copy of the

Step 2. Quality Management system evaluation

*Applied to subcontracting and aviation procurement only
Download, fill in and email to {email or upload}:

Step 3 and 4 are performed by AAL personnel responsible for Supplier due diligence and include:
Step 3. Sociopolitical and supply chain risk evaluation
Step 4. Reputation/background check

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