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AAL has established itself as a reputable and reliable helicopter operator maintaining a fleet of Mi-8/17/171 helicopters.

AAL supplies a far-reaching range of heavy-lift helicopter services to our customers around the world. We possess an excellent record in planning, preparing, and executing small to large-scale helicopter operations in some of the most challenging environments on the planet. Helicopters are provided on ACMI lease conditions as well as on other terms that are most favorable to the Customer.

Within the variety of applications of Mi-type aircraft, we are offering cargo and passenger transportation, sling load, firefighting, search and rescue, medevac, and other utility charter services.


Transportation of Passengers


Fire Fighting


Medevac and Salvage


Search and Rescue


Ship to Shore


Transportation of Cargo & Slinging

AAL can also offer new and used helicopters to our customers. As an active operator and a MRO we utilize our unique and broad understanding of the Customer’s needs and expectations. We make sure that the helicopter meets the requirements of the Customers and can organically blend into the Customer’s existing fleet.

As part of the sales package, we can offer modification and upgrade of the helicopter to comply with the configuration objective of our customers.

Post-delivery, AAL will provide warranty and after-sales support to support the continuous operations.

AAL is constantly expanding our helicopter services while utilizing our organic fleet and new rotary-wing platforms to satisfy current and future Customer’s requirements.

This wide range of airlift capabilities allows AAL to reach even more Customers around the world and offer tailored packages for any type of mission support requested.