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AAL operates a helicopter simulator flight and maintenance training center in Sharjah, UAE. Our training center is certified by numerous authorities and provides a variety of training solutions for Mi-8/17/171 Customers

The Mi-8MTV-1 (Mi-17) and 171 flight simulators of the training center are custom-built from actual helicopter cockpits and are fully equipped to provide hands-on flight, equipment, and instrument training.

Additionally, our Mi-171 simulator is NVIS compatible and is capable of providing training with night vision goggles.

The training center aims at providing customer-tailored services, and can adjust the program to better meet the Customer’s requirement and the skill level of the trainees.

The training can be provided in our training center in UAE or at the Customer’s facilities subject to scope of services and training curriculum.



For flight personnel

  • Conversion
  • Refresher
  • Recurrent

Training Center provides flight conversion, refresher, and recurrent type training using both normal flight condition modules, and VFR/IFR along with specialized training on emergency procedures, as well as NVG operations.


For maintenance personnel

  • Conversion
  • Refresher

For maintenance staff, Training Center provides conversion and refresher type training in both the classroom and through unrivaled comprehensive practical training at the AAL MRO.

All Training Center training packages can be individually tailored to meet our Customers’ specific requirements.

AAL’s training center offers all-inclusive packages with visa support, lodging, meals, daily transportation, airport pick up / drop off, and any other amenities which may be required to facilitate training events.

Our instructors conduct continuous reviews of the training programs and course materials to improve and optimize schedules, as well as extend training capabilities.
Training Center provides our students with modern academic equipment and all of the necessary informational materials required to become successful aircrew and maintenance personnel.

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