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AAL Group is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Paramount, for the developing of Mi-type helicopter solutions for production of the helicopter composite blades, from facilities within the United Arab Emirates.
The milestone partnership announcement was made on the biennial International Defence Exhibition & Conference 2023 in Abu Dhabi, UAE, renowned as one of the most important defence exhibitions in the world.
AAL Group and Paramount will collaborate on the production of interchangeable composite rotary wing blades to meet the increasing demand from partner countries across the continent.
The composite blades offer a clear advantage over metal blades, such as, significantly increased operational life, at least five to eight times more than the metal blades and also allowing individual blades to be replaced in the event of damage rather than the whole set. A damaged blade or a set can be easily repaired at location and returned to service in a short period of time.
Composite blades production can be ramped up to provide a source for continued operations and offer customers longer usage life while addressing the supplies challenging.