Safety is a core value at AAL Group Ltd; the Company and our affiliates operate an integrated Safety Management System (SMS). AAL Safety Department, acting independently and impartially, is responsible for the oversight, development, maintenance, and integrity of the SMS.

The commitment to the SMS encompasses the full integration of a safety culture, safety policy, and safety objectives in a reactive, pro-active, and predictive approach (as appropriate) in order to carry out the operational SMS plans, programs, and activities as a core business function – complying with the objective of efficient air operations and maintenance processes.

AAL actively promotes a culture in which safety is the responsibility of every person in the organization. Senior Management and process owners provide a vision for safety management and adequate resources to every department in order to achieve a baseline acceptable level of safety.


All Company operations are carried out in compliance with ICAO Standards, the applicable Regulatory Authorities, and the requirements of our Clients. It is the mission of AAL Group Ltd to develop and administer policies, procedures, and practices that ensure the safest possible operational and maintenance services. The company’s Quality Management System (QMS) has been certified to the compliance of ISO 9001 and AS9110 international standard requirements.

AAL aims at providing all of its services in accordance with the strictest international quality standards and industry best practices — delivering high performance within budget and schedule constraints while offering minimal risk to the Customer at the lowest price.

AAL’s Quality Management System combines quality assurance and quality control systems. The Company’s Quality Assurance System monitors all AAL activities ensuring the organization is in continuous compliance with applicable Aviation Regulations, Company Internal Procedures and Customer Requirements. AAL’s independent Quality Assurance Auditors perform audits of the processes, procedures, suppliers, and subcontractors – as well as audits of aircraft and aircraft components, maintenance, repair, and modification works – to not only ensure continuous compliance with applicable requirements, but also to be forward-thinking in recognizing and resolving potential issues. AAL’s approach to quality stresses a constant focus on proactive partnering with our Customers to continually improve performance and service to achieve Customer’s satisfaction.

AAL is fully certified by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), international quality organizations, and applicable Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA). Our certification includes:

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • AS9110


Safety & Quality

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