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Maintenance Training

Maintenance Training

AAL offers Maintenance training for engineers and technicians working on Mi-8/Mi-17 type helicopters. This comprehensive training includes both theoretical and practical on-job training.

Maintenance training course covers:

  • Flight manual
  • Weight and balancing manual
  • Maintenance manual, including helicopter manuals, general information, airframe, helicopters systems, power units, avionics and helicopter equipment.
  • Turboshaft engine TV3-117VM. Vol. 1, 2 and 3
  • Auxiliary power unit Al-9V
  • Main Gearbox VR-14
  • Maintenance schedule

Training equipment on the helicopter structure and engine consists of educational posters, functional stands, and educational films.

All stands in the training center are operational according to the Flight Manual. The training center provides simulation of the systems operational at the pre-flight and in-flight inspection as well as simulation of systems malfunctions in-flight and on the ground.

The training center provides the following mockups:
  • Engine TV3-117VM
  • Auxiliary power unit AI-9V
  • Main Gearbox VR-14 with a set of assemblies and main rotor blade
  • Tail rotor drive shaft with intermediate and tail gearboxes
  • Tail rotor hub with blade
  • Main and nose landing gears shock struts
  • Combustion heater KO-50

A complete set of instrumentation and devices enable ground personnel to acquire skills in operating parameters, measuring helicopter units and assemblies.