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AAL through AAL-SA, the holder of a South African Aircraft Operator Certificate and based out of Wonderboom Airport, Cape Town, South Africa, merges decades of Mil helicopter operations experience with Western-style management. Our operations focus on Efficiency, Quality and Safety, enabling AAL to deliver a product that is unique in the industry. AAL-SA was created as a paradigm shift, to allow AAL to deliver full spectrum services directly to the end user, ensuring customer support, flexibility, while complying with the most stringent National Aviation Authority, US Department of Defence and United Nations Aviation Standards.

AAL-SA is certified and prepared to provide the following services throughout the world:

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    Austere/Remote Site Operations

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    Passenger Transportation

  • generalcargo.jpg

    General cargo - internal

  • externalload.jpg

    External load operations

  • offshore.jpg

    Offshore Operations

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    Fire Fighting