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Modifications and Upgrades

AAL has been involved in some of the most extensive Mi-8/17 modifications and upgrades to the Mi type helicopter. Our experience allows us to be the central focal point for modification for the Asia/Middle East Areas of Responsibility.

AAL works closely with its customers, to understand and ensure that their requirements for modifications and upgrades are met. AAL ensures all modifications comply with MMHP Service Bulletins. In the dynamic market place that Mi helicopter fleets offer, we ensure that modifications are compliant and receive MMHP approval, which is vital to the integrity of the Mi program.

AAL currently has complied with the only "Western Cockpit" modifications on 32 Mi-17 helicopters recently delivered to USG customers. The Supplemental Type Certificate which allows AAL to accomplish these modifications is held by AAL.

At AAL facilities, customers can take advantage of the continual advances in technology and benefit from our expanding capabilities. This expansion allows us to support, in the most cost effective and efficient way, Customer's requirements for modification/upgrade on the following systems:

  • powerplant.jpg

    Power Plant and Transmission

  • fuelsystem.jpg

    Fuel Equipment

  • airframeequipment.jpg

    Airframe Equipment

  • lighting.jpg

    Lighting Equipment (NVIS)

  • radionavigation.jpg

    Radio Navigation Equipment

  • flightnavigation.jpg

    Flight Navigation Equipment

  • flightdataregistration.jpg

    Flight Data Registration Systems

  • Radiocommunication

    Radio Communication Equipment

  • Life-Support Systems
  • Hoist-Transportation Systems
  • Firefighting Equipment
  • Medical Equipment

At the heart of AAL, is a team that is dedicated to complete customer satisfaction and ensuring that the customer's needs and expectations are exceeded. AAL is committed to excellence and the satisfaction of customer's requirements, on-time and fully compliant.