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AAL offers its customers top quality, full spectrum maintenance services at its main maintenance facility in Sharjah, UAE, its newly opened facility in Pretoria, South Africa and satelite facilities as customer required.

AAL has modern, high quality maintenance facilities, which comply with the requirements of all the certifying authorities and partners.

AAL's wealth of knowledge and past performance, as an approved MRO facility for Mi-8, Mi-17, Mi-17V-5, Mi-171 and Mi-172 helicopters, certified by Mil Moscow Design Bureau and Interstate Aviation Committee of Russia, along with its highly qualified staff, allows us to pass on the benefits of experience, quality and service to our customers.

AAL is committed to supplying our customers with Maintenance Services of the highest OEM standards and compliance with all state laws and regulations. AAL is also dedicated to providing Maintenance and Repair Services to its customers anywhere, anytime to allow its customer's needs to be met or exceed their requirements. With AALs extensive and diverse team of Leadership, Management, and Maintenance Professionals we can capitalize on every aspect of our customers' requirements.