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AAL Quality Assurance personnel monitor our performance, to ensure that AAL complies with contractual requirements, performance standards, and industry best practices. This is to ensure high performance is delivered on time, with minimal risk at the lowest possible cost.

AAL's Quality Management program, ensures process and procedural compliance through product inspections, that verify compliance with IAC, OEM, DoD, CAA or contract standards.

Our Quality Control inspectors use established SOPs, standardized control systems, manuals, and checklists to perform audits/inspections on aircraft, aircraft components, facilities, support equipment. Additionally, Quality Management personnel provide oversight of vendors, suppliers and subcontractors.

Quality Assurance

AAL currently adheres to Quality Assurance systems required per ISO 9001:2008. Quality Management personnel support all operations and functions by establishing and monitoring performance standards, recommending changes in operating procedures, and striving for continuous improvement in mission performance.

AAL's approach to Quality stresses constant focus on proactive partnering with the customer, to continually improve performance and service. The purpose is to achieve customer satisfaction while ensuring safe operational readiness at its optimum level.


AAL Safety Management continuously monitors the Safety of its operations to ensure the wellbeing of all its personnel, partners and customers.

AAL's Safety program encourages the proactive, continual input of all AAL employees and partners, to help achieve an optimum, Safe working and operational environment.


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